The Washington Association for Behavior Analysis - WABA - is an independent, non-profit, professional chapter of the Association for Behavior Analysis International and has a professional affiliations with the Association for Professional Behavior Analysts. We are dedicated to the science of behavior and its application to social issues, through ABA applied methodologies led by BCBA practitioners . Our members primarily live and work in Washington State.

Dear WABA Members!!
 We are very very happy to report that Senate Bill 5488 regarding licensure for behavior analysts recently passed out of the Senate floor with an astounding 49-0 vote!  Zero opposition!  The next steps are for the bill now to transfer over to the House to go through the same process.
If you haven't already, please consider your responsibility as a Washington behavior analyst to help support this effort through a $100 donation.  If every behavior analyst donates, we'll just have enough to cover our expenses.