The Washington Association for Behavior Analysis - WABA - is an independent, non-profit, professional chapter of the Association for Behavior Analysis International and has a professional affiliations with the Association for Professional Behavior Analysts. We are dedicated to the science of behavior and its application to social issues, through ABA applied methodologies led by BCBA practitioners . Our members primarily live and work in Washington State.

In 1998 the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) was established to meet the credentialing needs expressed by behavior analyst professionals, consumers, and government entities.  Since the establishment of the certification program, the BACB has made it their mission to protect consumers of behavior analysis by creating and promoting professional standards.  As the field has grown, so has the continued need to protect the growing number of consumers.  Over the last five years, 19 individual states have established specific licensure for Board Certified Behavior Analysts as a means to ensuring that their own residents were more sufficiently protected from those attempting to practice behavior analysis without proper training, experience and supervision.  
During the 2015 legislative session, the Washington Association for Behavior Analysis will be supporting a bill that creates a pathway for licensure for the 300+ Behavior Analysts in Washington State.  This bill is supported by the Department of Health as demonstrated by their recommendations in the 2014 Sunrise Review.  We are seeking donations, no matter the size, to help support our legislative efforts.  Our mission is to protect Washington State’s  most vulnerable consumers by assuring that the therapy and support they receive is provided by those most qualified to do so.  Thank you for helping to make Washington the 20th state to approve licensure.