Membership Benefits and Dues

Membership in WABA has several benefits, including a discounted registration fee for our Regional Conference, updates on behavior-analytic news of interest to those of us in the northwest, and eligibility for chapter adjunct membership in ABAI (which can save you money on registration fees at  their conferences).
Buy an annual membership or buy a triennial membership (3 years) for long-term savings.

​Membership in WABA is available in 4 different categories:

​Full membership
is available to individuals who have obtained a college or post-graduate degree. Membership dues are determined by the highest degree held.

Affiliate membership is available to family members of individuals with special needs (e.g., developmental disabilities, emotional/behavioral problems, learning disabilities, etc.) and for individuals who work as paraprofessionals or direct care staff. Affiliate members are considered non-voting members of WABA.

Student membership
is available for individuals who are currently enrolled in a college level course of study. Individuals applying for this category of membership must submit an unofficial transcript confirming their enrollment. Student members are considered non-voting members of WABA.

​Sustaining membership
is for members who wish to support WABA with a voluntary contribution (minimum of $55).

WABA Membership Form


Members of WABA are students, educators, families, and practitioners specializing in psychology, education, special education, developmental disabilities, counseling, animal behavior, and organizational behavior management. While some WABA members are also members of the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI), ABAI membership is not a prerequisite for WABA membership.
The Washington Association for Behavior Analysis (WABA) is an independent, non-profit, professional organization affiliated with the Association for Behavior Analysis International. We are dedicated to the science of behavior and its application to social issues, through ABA methodologies led by BCBA practitioners. Our members primarily live and work in Washington State.